Tech Up for Women: Propelling Women in their Careers Through Technology

November 14 conference aimed at helping women advance professionally through better understanding of technology.

New York, June 23, 2017 — In today’s increasingly digitized work environment, advancement for women of all industries depends on their increased awareness of developments in technology. On November 14, 2017, TechUp Events LLC (TU) will hold Tech Up for Women, a pioneering technology conference devoted to propelling women in their careers. Tech Up for Women will offer informational forums and live demonstrations that cover financing, cybersecurity, coding, femtech, fintech and new innovative technology-specific products and solutions. Keynote speakers, on-site vendors, and researchers in technological fields will provide insights on the ever-evolving digital world and disruptive technology. Throughout this day-long conference, participants will have the opportunity to explore a range of new technologies, while networking with those from different industries. Attendees will sample workshops on confidence building, data analytics, coding, raising capital and gender inequality to gain valuable insights applicable to all professions. ”Technology is ever-changing at a record breaking speed. In order to stay relevant you need to be riding the Technology Wave,” said TechUp Events Managing Director Felicia Watson. “Tech Up for Women will provide attendees the resources to ride that wave.” Tech Up for Women will enable women to become more comfortable using technology, an area of expertise dominated by their male counterparts. According to a study released by The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) in April, women comprise 56 percent of the national workforce, yet hold only 28 percent of proprietary software jobs and 25 percent of IT jobs. With careers in cybersecurity and software flourishing, women need the background necessary for leveling gender inequality in leadership roles in technology fields, and across all industries. Now is the time for women of all industries to get on the technology bandwagon. Tech Up for Women welcomes women of all ages and professions, regardless of their previous experience in technology. By expanding their understanding of technology, women can truly thrive in their careers.

Technology is the future of the corporate world, and a tool for women’s professional success. For more information, visit: or contact 203-254-0899.


About TechUp Events LLC: TechUp Events LLC assist women in all industries through technology. TechUp For Women offers educational programs and workshops to inspire women to examine opportunities to effectively move forward in tech, find resources and advancement that they need.

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