Global Training & Events Group offers customized training programs in Negotiations for positive results.  Our specialized programs are designed to help participants deal with difficult situations, structure deals, manage conflict productivity and become successful negotiators and hard bargainers. Our faculty members are world- renowned, educated at schools such as Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia, and teaching at universities nationwide. Our faculty members are also leading specialists in their given industries.  Several of our skilled negotiators are former US Navy SEALs, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Secret Service agents, as well as seasoned C-suite leaders.

Our participants are a diverse, global audience from both the private and public sector. We collaborate with our trainers and clients to customize our seminars to our client’s needs and address negotiation strategies based specifically on our client’s industry and organization.

Great negotiators are not born, they are grown.  Successful negotiation skills can be learned and most people improve dramatically with training and experience.   Our programs are live, interactive and simulation based. Every industry can benefit from negotiation skills training.

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