Leadership & Team Building

The organizations with good leaders are those that succeed. When good leadership is in place it can be felt throughout the company.  Good leadership ensures a culture of success. The result of good leadership is high morale, strong employee retention, sustainable long term success, as well as high employee and customer satisfaction. Weak leadership creates internal conflict and can be felt throughout an organization.

In order to achieve and maintain long term success, companies must equip their executives, managers and team leaders with tools to cultivate maximum team productivity and to handle formidable challenges. It is imperative to establish employee engagement and deliver value to customers and shareholders.

Great leaders help create great teams that are energizing and productive.  The culture of success produces effective teams. A successful and strong team exists when everyone understands their own contribution and that value is acknowledged by all. The group understands that as a team their accomplishments far exceed what an individual could accomplish alone, thereby raising the bar.  Successful leaders promote this culture of success.

There is a huge difference between an effective, compelling leader and a good manager. Global Training & Events Group’s programs educate and develop individuals to recognize potential problems encountered at their corporation that could hinder a team’s collective accomplishments.  You will learn how to increase commitment, how to motivate, establish trust and improve communication to reduce costs and develop the skills of a highly effective leader to create a cohesive team. You will learn how to lead under pressure, champion change and disruption, build teams, retain your key employees and become a sphere of influence and inspire your team.

Our faculty is the best of the best. Through lectures, group discussions and case studies specifically customized to your company’s needs, you will recognize the distinction between leadership and management, different leadership styles and their pros and cons, soft skills to enhance communication and trust, and how to maximize your team productivity by creating a culture of success.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins Championships.”- Michael Jordan

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