Customized Trainings

Global Training & Events Group delivers on-site training workshops in leadership, team building, sales, negotiation, procurement, strategic sourcing, supply chain management, and presentation skills to corporations, governments, and other organizations worldwide. Our programs are customized to your specific needs and goals, with a primary focus on results.

Our faculty includes a diverse team of specialized experts, renowned globally for their expertise and thought leadership in the areas that define cultures for success. Instructors’ experience spans all industries, from manufacturing, construction, technology, cyber, law, government, service and more. Our faculty of leading industry experts are revered for their extensive experience and their ability to provide innovative and interactive programs. They bring this experience to our clients to create a fully customized program to meet your team’s needs and objectives.

Do you have unique needs that may require a custom program for your business? No problem.  Here is a list of industries we have worked with to create programs and assist them in reaching their goals.

Leisure & Travel
Industrial Equipment & Parts Manufacturing
Architectural Engineering & Construction
Social Media
SEO Marketing
IT & Telecommunication
Entertainment & Mass Communication
Natural Resources
Humanitarian Efforts & Crisis Relief
Real Estate
Retail & Consumer Products
Sports & Gaming
Staffing & Recruitment
Logistics & Systems Engineering
Women’s Initiatives – Femtech
…and more.

To schedule a program customization with one of our faculty members, call us (203) 255-2112 or fill out this form below.