Procurement – Strategic Sourcing

Our procurement programs offer tools to strategically negotiate purchase orders and contracts for significant cost savings, while providing purchasing professionals and others with a powerful set of strategic and tactical negotiation tools. Procurement is a profit center and every dollar of cost savings or cost avoidance achieved through effective negotiations has a positive effect on the bottom line.

Global Training & Events Group offer tools to drive supplier performance improvements, reduce costs and enhance value.

Globalization is a reality and supply chain professionals are the pivotal facilitators who can make or break international relationships. CLH Supply Chain Management training provides insight into the key trends in global transit, demonstrating the drivers and trade-offs of sourcing decisions. It will define potential risks and rewards of sourcing from low-cost countries. Participants will discuss issues related to the practice of sourcing, manufacturing, transporting, and distributing products outside of the U.S. We offer best practices and tools participants can immediately benefit from upon returning to the workplace.

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