The Foundation for Gender Equality Announces Partnership with Tech Up for Women

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The new initiative will help fund several organizations that empower at-risk women and girls by providing technology training and tools for economic independence

NEW YORK – April 24, 2019 – The Foundation for Gender Equality, founded by husband and wife duo Richard and Jill Fitzburgh, alongside Theresa Boylan, is proud to announce it has partnered with Tech Up for Women, a collaborative hub and annual conference that provides resources for women to stay ahead of the technology curve. Together, FGE and Tech Up have created the FGE/Tech Up Give Back initiative, a program that will allow at-risk women to gain new skills and begin their path to careers in technology. 

The FGE/Tech Up Give Back initiative will fund various organizations that provide some of the most at-risk women and girls with technology training and tools for economic independence. To date, two programs have been identified: AnnieCannons and Sanctuary for Families. FGE is in the process of confirming several other programs that target underrepresented women.

These organizations are led by committed professionals and help survivors acquire the knowledge needed to pursue successful careers in the technology industry. Give Back offers digital training, web development training, interview prep and tips on how to represent themselves. Generally, many survivors are not provided with opportunities to learn about technology. The Give Back initiative puts valuable resources within reach for these women. The program is donation-based and hopes to grow its impact and exposure in order to educate more individuals and set them on the path to success.

“Our partnership with Tech Up is an exciting step towards our goal of expanding opportunities for women,” said Richard Fitzburgh, founder of FGE. “Tech Up is a forward-thinking organization that provides women with valuable information about technology trends and helps them explore careers in the technology industry.”

“We at FGE are committed to empowering survivors of exploitation and violence, and through this initiative, we hope to help women gain a sense of independence as they advance their skills,” added Jill Fitzburgh, co-founder of FGE.

Tech Up for Women is a conference event and engagement platform focused on helping women gain useful knowledge about the technology industry and explore potential opportunities in the tech industry. Tech Up’s goal is to balance the gender equation in the workplace and aims to “tech up” all women to successfully compete in the business world.  The organization has partnered with several recruiting companies such as CNBC, NASDAQ, HBC, and Uber, and aims to not only provide an opportunity for women to cultivate their understanding of technology, but also to guide them in starting a career in technology. The organization focuses on applying new technologies in many different career fields, such as healthcare, banking, finance, arts and entertainment, engineering, legal, and STEM initiatives. Tech Up’s main event is its annual conference, happening on November 19, 2019, focusing on topics such as technological advances, cyber security, data analytics, and tech innovation. The event also features several keynote speakers and skill-based trainers who will offer their expertise of new tech innovations.

“Tech Up For Women was created to take the fear factor out of technology and empower women in every career to surf the technology wave,” said Dawn Pratt, founder of Tech Up for Women.

FGE will officially announce its partnership with Tech Up tonight at an event called Voices for Change. The exclusive benefit will feature performances by David Miller (Il Divo) and Sarah Joy Miller (Broadway, the Metropolitan Opera). There will also be a private screening of David Miller’s short film “A Hand of Bridge”. The event will be held at The University Club from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and will include speaking engagements by FGE Co-Founder Jill Fitzburgh and operatic singer David Miller. For more information, please visit:

About The Foundation for Gender Equality:

The Foundation for Gender Equality is a 501(C)3 ( which began in 2016 with a simple idea: help women and girls achieve equality. FGE quickly realized that gender equality will not be attained by focusing only on that segment of the population – the Foundation needed to hear and include other voices, including those in the LGBT community who today are denied many of their basic rights.  For the Foundation, gender equality, with all of its complexity, cultural and global dimensions, is the transformative issue of our time. Solve this and the world will be a better place for all of us – men, women, children, young and old alike. That is why FGE invites and welcomes all who would like to join us to Stand Together under the banner of gender equality and empowerment. Our goal is that the Foundation will become a new model for philanthropy – creating fresh approaches, fostering new dialogue and building new pathways to solutions. FGE is working to become a significant force and resource for gender equality and empowerment.

About Tech Up For Women:

Tech Up For Women is an event & engagement platform designed to enable at-risk-women to “Tech Up” and achieve independence. Tech Up allows women to develop technology skills need to pursue a successful career in the field. The organization is committed to balancing the gender equation in the workplace by providing women the opportunity to gain knowledge about technology trends in education, resourcing, and networking. Tech Up holds an annual “Tech Up For Women” conference every year in November, featuring a variety of Keynote Speakers and Skill-Based Trainers. Forbes named Tech Up one of the “Top Five Most Inspiring Conferences of 2018”. Tech Up is working to expand its efforts and partner with forward thinking companies in order to provide technology resources to more women in the future.

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