Tara Walker

    Tara is a technical evangelist for Amazon Web Services, dedicating her time helping developers build apps, games, and technical solutions in the AWS cloud. She has most recently been working on evangelizing cloud computing, mobile, gaming, IoT, serverless architectures, AI technologies, and cross-platform development with AWS. Additionally she is member of the AWS Blog team, writing technical blog posts for the official Amazon Web Services blog.

    Tara’s background has been one of a software engineer & developer who has worked on wide-ranging development platforms and systems while leveraging a myriad of development languages across her various technical and engineering roles. Over her 20 year career she has been employed by; Microsoft, Turner Broadcasting/Time Warner, Georgia Pacific, and various other Fortune 500 companies. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University, and currently working on her Master’s degree (MSCS) at Georgia Institute of Technology. Tara passion is to continue spreading the “good news” to diverse audiences about a plethora of technologies, development languages and frameworks with a focus and proficiency in:

    • Cloud computing and Serverless architectures
    • IoT (Internet of Things) development
    • Mobile, Game, and Web development
    • NUI (Natural User Interfaces) & Biometric Interface service/development frameworks

    You can find Tara on Twitter at @taraw.