Georgia McGaughey

    Georgia McGaughey is the Global Senior Director of the Modeling & Informatics group at Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc., comprised of computational chemistry, cheminformatics and methods development.  She is also a member of the Research Leadership Team, which sets the strategy for the research arm of the company.  Through her twenty-year career in pharmaceuticals (Wyeth, Merck, Vertex) Georgia has contributed to the invention and advancement of several clinical candidates (e.g. BACE,orexin, PDE10, CFTR and KDR) and has contributed to more than 100 publications and presentations. She is a past member of the editorial advisory board for the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and participant of multiple study sections for the NIH. Currently, she volunteers in the Boston scientific community through mentorship with high school and college students and recently joined SilentSpring Institute as a board member.  Georgia earned her B.S. degree in chemistry from Kennesaw State College and her Ph.D in physical chemistry from the University of Georgia.  She carried out her post-doctoral studies with focus on electronic structure theory at Colorado State University.

    Georgia McGaughey, Ph.D.