Roseanne Malfucci

    Native New Yorker Roseanne Malfucci has been building web products that make a difference IRL for over a decade. A strategic partner to multiple organizations, Roseanne uses a combination of systems thinking, organizational psychology, and personal contextualization to drive breakthroughs to sticky business problems.

    Roseanne has managed solutions for some of the most impactful social and medical humanitarian organizations in the world, including Harvard’s Center for International Development and All Out, the largest global LBGTQ rights organization on the web. She began her career tackling family violence in the non profit sector, and later transitioned to startup environments through her work as a disc jockey (DJ Fucci, if you’re curious). Today she consults for global IT firm ThoughtWorks as Advisory and Strategy Lead. Roseanne is particularly passionate about access and equity for marginalized folks in the US, and has shared her views at conferences like Grace Hopper and Lesbians Who Tech, and sites like Refinery29 and Medium. She sits on the Diversity and Inclusion council for ThoughtWorks and contributes to multiple issue-driven groups with the mission of leveraging her privilege for good.