Ellen Keithline Byrne

    RE-WIRE: Learn Secrets of Leadership Presence for Every Woman Leader

    How can we use the power of our mind to generate the confidence necessary to show up as a leader with presence? Successful leaders know this! Now you can too. Research indicates that what we tell ourselves impacts our behavior in ways we don’t even realize. Woman that pay attention and understand how to manage their inner self, their thoughts and emotions, walk into a room and are noticed… and more importantly heard. Ellen Keithline Byrne, PhD will lead a discussion on tips and tools to achieve YOUR leadership presence.

    Ellen Keithline Byrne, PhD is the Founder of Elle Partners, LLC a coaching and leadership consultancy, where she and her partners focus on cultivating innovative leaders and teams. They develop mindful, courageous and vital work environments where the business and staff thrive together.

    Ellen is on a mission to accelerate women in leadership! Co-founder of Breakthrough: For Women on the Fast Track, an exciting new women’s initiative that breaks the proverbial glass ceiling.